Changzong Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. Since its establishment, it has provided services for more than 300 paper packaging enterprises and trained a team of high-quality hardworking talents. In line with the professional spirit of customer first, quality first, and the spirit of honesty and trustworthiness, we will spare no effort to create durable, high-speed and efficient corrugated board production equipment, and sincerely give back the love of new and old customers.


Product advantages

  •  Standardized and modular design concept.
  •  High automation, improve efficiency, reduce labor and waste.
  •  Fashionable and high-end overall appearance.
  •  The goods are genuine and made with precision.
  •  Humanized design, easy maintenance.
  •  Improving quality, Improving efficiency, Saving energy
  • Changzong Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
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